EYVOL Self-Assessment Skills WebApp

EYVOL Self-Assessment Skills WebApp is an interactive self-assessment on skills and knowledge about volunteerism in sport. The self-evaluation tool consists on a set of items designed to identify social, civic and sport skills and knowledge deficiencies whilst providing access to EYVOL educational programmes and relevant external resources, if needed. Hence, there are no correct or wrong answers, nor is it an exam: on the contrary, it is a step forward for the best training as a volunteer!
EYVOL Self-Assessment Skills WebApp has been developed by EYVOL’s consortium within the framework of Erasmus+Sport Programme of the European Union.

EYVOL addresses the topic “Promote voluntary activity in sport” so its main purpose is to provide young multipliers (youth leaders and civil society activists) and young sports volunteers with concrete training tools to be used in youth empowering activities based on social inclusion through sport.

An exclusive selection of trailers and documentaries to watch.

Module 1 – Introduction

During the last few months, #EYVOL’s partners have been working on training action plans to empower initiatives on sports volunteering https://www.eyvol.eu.
Our first module will introduce the concept of volunteering & its benefits – watch the video below to know more about it.

Module 2 – Sport4development

#Sport4Development is the intentional use of sport, physical activity & play to attain specific development & peace objectives.
Would you like to know more about this side of sport? Watch the video below & stay tuned for our 2nd module!

Module 3 – Supporting Personal Development Through Sport

Sport participation has the potential to support personal development. Volunteering in sport can help others develop psychosocially, but also your personal development too. It’s a win-win situation. Watch #EYVOL’s third module’s teaser.

Module 4 – Health Enhancing Physical Activity

Sport and physical activity are a tool to improve mental, physical and social well-being, and regularly participating in sports activities enhances the ability of the most vulnerable people in society to cope with adversity. Watch the 4th’s #EYVOL module teaser to know more about it.

Module 5 – Working With Socially Disadvantaged/Vulnerable Groups

Sport programs for social inclusion need to consider the diverse and complex structural issues to target different groups behind exclusionary processes: migrants & refugees, people with disabilities, LGTB people or women, among others. Watch #EYVOL’s 5th module teaser to know a bit more about it

Module 6 – Designing programmes and accessing funding

What are the milestones of an effective volunteers plan? Needs assessment between requirements & resources, holding orientation talks with candidates, providing education & training to recruit volunteers and recognising & rewarding their contribution are some of the keys to success. Watch the teaser of #EYVOL’s 6th module to know a bit more about it.

Module 7 – Recruting Volunteers and promoting Volunteering Events

Volunteers play an important role at the time of promoting and organising events. Organisations counting with volunteers’ participation should be aware of the importance of an elaborated strategy taking into account all their needs by phases. Watch the teaser of #EYVOL’s 7th module to know a bit more about it.

Module 8 – Recruting Volunteers and promoting Volunteering Events

Volunteering at Major Sporting Events provides volunteers with high added value experiences such as cultural exchange, meeting athletes, cultivating and sharing the sports spirit or promoting values such as equality, inclusion, fair competition & non-discrimination. Watch the 8th’s EYVOL module teaser to know a bit more about it.